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Printable music games are an excellent way to engage elementary music students and reinforce musical concepts. In this section, I offer a variety of printable and digital music games that are perfect for music teachers. These games provide a fun and interactive way to reinforce what your students have learned in class. Try them out and watch your student's love for music grow!

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Mary Had a Little Lamb Nursery Rhythms Online Music Game & Color By Note Sheet
Musical Instrument Families Self-Checking Puzzles
I Spy Music Symbols Coloring Activities | Fall Themed
Animal Sounds Vocalize the Picture Game | Paper Blocks
Music Notes & Symbols Activity Mats for Kids | Bundle
Music Notes & Symbols Q Tip Painting | Hammer It Mats
Music Notes & Symbols Dot Marker Activities
Music Notes & Symbols Road Tracing Mats
Kindergarten Christmas Music Rhythm Activities Bundle | Ta Ti Ti & Rest
Create a Rhythm! Christmas Music Drag and Drop Activity {Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest} {Google Slides+PDF}
Christmas Music Rhythm Matching Game {Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest} {Google Slides + PDF}
Christmas Music Rhythm Flashcards {Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest} {Google Slides + PDF}
Instrument Families Digital Puzzles {Google Slides + PDF}
Thanksgiving Treble Clef Note Naming Digital Games
Halloween Music Rhythm Activities Bundle {Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest}
Halloween Music Rhythm Matching Game {Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest} {Google Slides + PDF}
Halloween Music Rhythm Flashcards {Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest} {Google Slides +PDF}
Music Digital Puzzles Fall Themed {Treble Pitch} {PDF + Google Slides}
Music Digital Puzzles Animal Themed {Google Slides}
Find and Color Music Notes and Symbols Activities {Google Slides}
Music Puzzles Animal Themed
Kindergarten Valentine`s Day Rhythm Activities Bundle | Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest
Kindergarten Valentine`s Day Music Activity | Create a Rhythm | Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest
Valentine`s Day Rhythm Matching Game {Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest}

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