Keyboard Instruments Dot to dot Worksheets


This file (in PDF form) contains 7 Keyboard Instruments dot to dots worksheets.


My new product ‘Keyboard Instruments Dot-to-Dot Worksheets’ shows your student seven different keyboard instruments found in music! Each page in this bundle contains:
~An instrument picture to connect the dots and color.
~The name of the instrument and the family to trace
Instruments included:
~ Accordion, Celesta, Clavichord, Grand Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboard, and Pipe Organ.
You can use these in conjunction with Aural training; teach your students how to hear the difference between these various keyboard instruments. Complete these during the lesson or let them take it home to do during the week.
Help your students develop the confidence to identify and draw different keyboard instruments with these fun and easy Dot-to-Dot worksheets!
No further preparation is required: Simply print these off and they are ready to go!
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Pages Included:
Accordion, Celesta, Clavichord, Grand Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboard, Pipe Organ.
Download the Keyboard Instruments Dot to dot Worksheets preview for more details.
This product is a part of my pack  Musical Instruments Dot to dot Worksheets
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