Christmas Music Worksheets {Lines-Spaces, High-Low}Christmas Music Worksheets {Lines-Spaces, High-Low}

Christmas Music Worksheets {Lines-Spaces, High-Low}


This set of 20 Music worksheets Christmas themed is designed to help your students practice identifying whether a pitch is on a line or in a space and practice high/low pitches.

It includes:

Line-Space (17 worksheets)

~1 Draw a staff worksheet and number the lines and the spaces.

~2 Line or space? Color the “Line” note or the “Space” space below the staff.

~3 Line or space? Write “L” for the line notes and “S” for the space notes in the given boxes.

~4 Line or space? Circle the line notes red and space notes yellow.

~5 Color the Santa`s hats: with notes on the line red, with notes in the space blue, with notes off the staff yellow.

~6 Trace the music notes on the staff.

~7 Trace the lines. Trace the line notes below then circle the number where the note is placed.

~8 Trace the spaces. Trace the space notes below then circle the number where the note is placed.

~9 Draw the notes on the following lines.

~10 Draw the notes in the following spaces.

~11 Which “note”? Color the “note” on the correct line or in the correct space.

~ 12 Lines and Spaces. Write a note on the correct line or in the correct space.

~ 13 Musical Coloring page 1. Line notes and Space notes (2 colors)

~ 14 Musical Coloring page 2. Line notes, Space notes and notes off the staff (3 colors).

~15 Musical Coloring page 3. Space notes (4 colors).

~16 Musical Coloring page 4. Line notes (5 colors).

~ 17 Musical Coloring page 5. Line and Space notes (9 colors).

High-Low (3 worksheets)

~18  High or low? Color the higher “note” red and lower “note” yellow. Then use the letters H and L to indicate “notes” in the given boxes.

~19 High or low? Circle the highest pitch on the staff. Draw an arrow to indicate whether the second note higher  or lower in pitch than the first note.

~20 I can! Draw a note on the indicated line or space. Then circle the highest note you drew on the staff.


Download the Christmas Music Worksheets {Lines-Spaces, High-Low} _ preview for more details.

This file is also available in the following bundle:

Christmas Music Worksheets Staff Bundle

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am happy to help!


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