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Winter Trace and Color Pages {Fine Motor Skills + Pre-writing}

Hi! My new Winter ‘Trace and Color’ Pages {Fine Motor Skills + Pre-writing} set contains 25 different pages of pre-writing practice. This gives your students a chance to build up some of their basic writing and fine motor skills which in turn will build their confidence. Children love making the pages colorful! This is a perfect activity for your young artists and also is a great way to spend quality time with your child!

Use these during lessons as a break when your young student begins to lose focus! It will help them develop basic writing skills and also help them stay engaged in the lesson. It is important to let your student have regular practice so using these on a weekly basis would be most beneficial.

If you enjoy this product, don’t forget to check out my store for other young beginner related products that help with Pre-writing and Fine Motor Skills.

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