Treble Clef Tracing Music Notes Worksheets for Summer

Treble Clef Tracing Music Notes Worksheets for Summer

Hi! My new product “Treble Clef Tracing Music Notes Worksheets for Summer” is created to help your students learn to trace, copy, color, and draw notes on the staff {Treble pitch}. {C first – A second octaves} Practice in copying them onto their positions on the staff is provided in a large size. This worksheet set takes no prep – just print and copy. This set can be used in private music lessons, classrooms, group lessons, sub plans, homework, and more!

Notes used: whole note, quarter note, half note, eighth note, and sixteenth note, 2 eighth notes.

It is important to get students to recognize the different notes and their values (even from a young age). Regular practice tracing and naming these music notes will allow them to correctly identify the most common music notes. These are the perfect aide for any music teacher and need no further preparation. Simply print off and they are ready to go! These easy to follow worksheets can be completed during the lesson or on your student’s own time. Watch your students’ confidence grow as they learn how to trace and draw different notes.

This product is great for little musicians to use at home during school closure. Easily use these worksheets for distance learning by sending .pdfs and instructions for your students or their parents!

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