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Tracing Music Notes Worksheets for kids {British Terminology}

Hi! My new product “Tracing Music Notes Worksheets for kids’ is a set of 17 music worksheets designed to help your students learn how to trace, copy, color and draw symbols, notes and rests commonly used in music.

They will get to practice copying symbols, notes and rests onto their correct positions on the staff. All staff are provided in a large size for easy access.

This worksheet set needs no further preparations – simply print and copy!

This sent can be used in private music lessons, classrooms, group lessons, sub plans, as homework and much more!

Please note Adobe PDF Plug-in is needed to view and print the worksheets.

This set uses British Terminology. The same set with North American terminology is HERE

Symbol used: bass clef, treble clef, sharp, flat, natural.

Notes used: Semibreve Note, Minim Note, Crotchet Note, Quaver Note, Set of Quavers, Triplet, Semiquaver Note.

Rests used: Semibreve Rest, Minim Rest, Crotchet Rest, Quaver Rest, and Semiquaver Rest.

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