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Valentine`s Day Music Worksheets {Lines-Space, High-Low}

Hi! My new  product “Valentine`s Day Music Worksheets {Lines-Space, High-Low}” is a set of 20 Valentine’s day themed worksheets is designed to help your students practice identifying whether a pitch is on a line or in a space and practice high/low pitches. All activities require no preparation.

Getting your students to identify pitches is beneficial to their musicianship skills! Watch their confidence grow with sight reading and learning pieces as they become familiar with reading the notes on the stave. You can also use these in conjunction with Aural training. Getting them to identify lines and spaces, high and low should be done on a weekly basis. It is the foundation of music theory and no matter how young an introduction to this will benefit them greatly.

Simply print them off and they are ready to be handed to your students. They can be used during the lessons or as a fun homework task.

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Valentine`s Day Trace and Color Pages {Fine Motor Skills + Pre-writing}

Hi! My new Valentine`s Day Trace and Color Pages {Fine Motor Skills + Pre-writing} set contains 20 different pages of prewriting practice.

This gives kids a change to build up some of the basic writing and fine motor skills. Children love making the pages colorful. This set includes pictures of animals, insects, birds, monsters and more! This is a perfect activity for your young artists and also is a  great way to spend quality time with your child!

Watch their eyes light up when they see these cute images and let them have a great time using their artistic skills!

These are a great way to give your young beginner a break when they begin to lose focus in the lesson. They can also take them home as a reward.

If you enjoy this product, don’t forget to check out my store for other young beginner related products that help with Pre-writing and Fine Motor Skills.

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