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Brass Instruments Line Puzzles

Hi! My new product “Brass Instruments Line Puzzles” contains three set of activities to help your students recognize and learn names of brass family instruments.

The first set is a basic coloring page where students read, color the picture and trace the family name and instrument names.

The first version of line puzzle asks for students to cut and glue puzzles stripes into order. The family and instruments names are already given.

The second version of line puzzles asks for students cut, glue into orders and write the name of the family and instrument.

Instruments included: Bugle, Cornet, Flugelhorn, French horn, Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba.

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Find Dino`s Mom Music Puzzles

Hi! My new product is a  Find Dino`s Mom Music Puzzles Game. Just print, laminate if desired, cut and play!

This .zip file contains:
2 .pdf sets of music puzzles (for younger and older students)
2. png folders with .png images of each puzzle (+5 blank sample puzzles to create your own puzzle cards).
Each set contains 13 pages (39 puzzles) with basic music symbols, notes, rests, dynamic.
1 set for younger students: the music symbol matches to the music symbol.
2 set for older students: the music symbol matches to the music term.
This game is appropriate for a single student, small group, group class, music classroom, and music camp.
+ you receive all this set in .png format to resize puzzle pieces according your needs (249 png)
I would appreciate your feedback, so please take a moment to leave a word and rating.

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