Valentine`s Day Rhythm Matching Game {Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest}


This product include:

~ 30 matching cards in traditional notation

~ 30 matching cards in stick notation.

These matching cards are ready to be printed on 8.5 x 11 paper.

These Valentine’s Day rhythm matching game will help your students to practice reading quarter note, eighth note pairs and quarter rest, (ta, titi and rest rhythm patterns). Students must match the picture strips representing various rhythms with the correct rhythms. Just print, laminate, and cut on the dotted lines and play. This game can be used as a music center, a whole-group activity, or as an activity for early finishers. This is a great tool for rhythm review or as a fun rhythm assessment.

Download the Valentine`s Day Rhythm Matching Game {Ta, Ti-Ti, Rest} preview for more details.

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