Music Worksheets for Christmas {Weekly Freebies}

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This freebie contains 3 Christmas themed Music Worksheets for Kids.


~ Line or Space: Color the “note” on the correct line or in the correct space.
~ Treble Pitch Names: Identify the pitches on the line below each “note”.
~ Bass Pitch Names: Draw the pitch on the staff as indicated on the line below.
All activities require no preparation.
This product is a part of the  Christmas Music Worksheets Staff Bundle
These are a great way to brighten up your lessons and studio during the festive period. Kids always love Christmas themed worksheets, and It’s a great way to keep them focused so close to the festive celebration!
These can be completed during the lessons, or you can let them take them home as homework. Furthermore, these are suitable for private one on one lessons, or in a group lesson. Giving your student the opportunity to complete worksheets on a regular basis will help retain information and their confidence will grow as they continue on their musical journey!
If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I am happy to help!
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1 review for Music Worksheets for Christmas {Weekly Freebies}

  1. Ng Cindy (verified owner)

    Creative idea for young kids.

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