Back to School Music Worksheets (Line-Space, High-Low)


20 .pdf pages + 20 .pdf pages with answers


This set of 20 Back to School themed Music worksheets is designed to help your students practice identifying whether a pitch is on a line or in pace and practice high/low pitches.
It includes:
Line-Space (17 worksheets)
Draw a staff worksheet and number the lines and the spaces.
Line or space? Color the “Line” apple or the “Space” apple below the staff.
Line or space? Write “L” for the line notes and “S” for the space notes in the given boxes.
Line or space? Circle the line notes red and space notes yellow.
Color the notebooks: with notes on the line red, with notes in the space orange, with notes off the staff yellow.
Trace the music notes on the staff.
Trace the lines. Trace the line notes below then circle the number where the note is placed.
Trace the spaces. Trace the space notes below then circle the number where the note is placed.
Draw the notes on the following lines.
Draw the notes in the following spaces.
Which “note”? Color the “notes” on the correct line or in the correct space.
Lines and Spaces. Write a note on the correct line or in the correct space.
Musical Coloring page 1. Line notes and Space notes (2 colors)
Musical Coloring page 2. Line notes, Space notes, and notes off the staff (3 colors).
Musical Coloring page 3. Space notes (4 colors).
Musical Coloring page 4. Line notes (5 colors).
Musical Coloring page 5. Line and Space notes (9 colors).
High-Low (3 worksheets)
High or low? Color the higher “note” red and lower “note” yellow. Then use the letters H and L to indicate “notes” in the given boxes.
High or low? Circle the highest pitch on the staff. Draw an arrow to indicate whether the second note higher or lower in pitch than the first note.
I can! Draw a note on the indicated line or space. Then circle the highest note you drew on the staff.
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