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Musical Instruments Dot to dot Worksheets {Weekly Freebies}

Hi! my new product “Musical Instruments Dot to dot Worksheets {Weekly Freebies}” contains 5 Musical Instruments Dot-to-Dot Worksheets. These Dot-to-dot worksheets are easy to follow and give your students hands on practice and at the same time teaches them the different instruments. These can be used in a classroom or private studio setting and you can give them to your student as a take-home lesson or let them do it in the last minutes of the lesson as a fun reward!

Each page contains:

~ An instrument picture to connect the dots and color.

~ The name of the instrument and the family to trace.

Pages included:

Recorder, Flugelhorn, Violin, Celesta and Gong.

Watch your students gain confidence as they complete the worksheets and become familiar with the above instruments. This set is not to be missed…and not to mention they are free!

If you enjoy these worksheets, be sure to check out my store for other Dot-to-dot worksheets.

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