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Musical Instruments Color by Music Pages {Weekly Freebies}

Hi! My new product “Musical Instruments Color by Music Pages {Weekly Freebies}” contains 5 pages

~ Bugle : color by notes

~ Gong : color by rests

~ Cello : color by music symbols

~ Bassoon : color by dynamics

~ Accordion : color by notes, rests, music symbols, dynamics.

These worksheets are great (particularly for your younger students) and can be used to give them a break during the lesson. Introducing different instruments to your students will keep them interested and excited. Accompany these worksheets by playing sound examples of the instruments. This will help them on their musical journey and expand their knowledge. What a lovely thing for them to experience!

No further preparation is required. Simply print them off and they are ready to be handed to your students.

This product is a part of my Musical Instruments Color by Music Pack.

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