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Music Worksheets for Fall {Weekly Freebies}

Hi! My new freebie “Music Worksheets for Fall {Weekly Freebies}” contains 3 Fall/Autumn themed Music Worksheets for Kids.

~ Line or Space: Color the “line” leaf or the “space” leaf below the staff to show your answer.
~ Treble Pitch Names: Identify the pitches on the line below each “note”.
~ Bass Pitch Names: Match the notes to the correct letters.

These themed worksheets will keep the child interested and engaged in the lesson, allowing them to learn note naming while having a great time! It is important to give your students regular practice identifying and naming notes on both the Treble and Bass clef. Regular practice will help them to retain the information and give them the confidence needed to continue their musical journey and will help with their sight reading and notation skills.

All activities require no preparation.
This product is a part of the Fall Staff Worksheets Bundle.

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