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Music Notes and Rests Posters for Coloring set #1

Hi! Looking for beautiful music decor for your music classroom?  Let your kids decorate your classroom with this “Music Notes and Rests Posters for Coloring set #1”!  These will be a hit with your students and will also help them to remember the notes and rest used in music. It is important that they become familiar with these notes and rests as they undertake their own musical journey.

This is a set of 21 Music Posters for coloring.

Notes and rest used: Whole note, Dotted half note, Half note,Dotted Quarter note, Quarter Note, Dotted Eighth note, Eighth note, Dotted Sixteenth note, Sixteenth note, Eighth note pair, Dotted Eighth note and two Sixteenth notes, Sixteenth note pair, Four sixteenth notes, Eighth note Triplet, One Eighth and two sixteenth notes, Two sixteenth and one eighth notes, Whole rest, Half rest, Quarter rest, Eighth rest, Sixteenth rest.

There are also 10 different design of background patterns to make the coloring more fun and enjoyable.

Give your students regular practice with these musical posters and watch their confidence grow with each lesson.

Simply print off and put up around your classroom/studio and watch your students’ eyes fill up with wonder. These fun worksheets are not to be missed!

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