Music Alphabet Coloring Pages

Music Alphabet Coloring Pages

Hi! My new product “Music Alphabet Coloring Pages” is a great way to introduce Music Instruments to your young child. These worksheets are also perfect for early finishers, as a quick assessment, centre work, group lessons, the sub tub and much more!

Watch their fascination as you take them on a journey to learn different musical instruments. Who knew there could be so many?  The Musical Alphabet often needs to be reinforced for the younger students. It’s tricky for them to realise that the musical Alphabet only goes to just G and not Z!

You can use these as a break during the lesson (music theory can be extra tough for kids!) or let them take one home as a reward for good behaviour (a fun incentive)

This PDF file contains 26 musical instrument coloring pages. Each page contains an instrument picture to color including the name of the instrument.

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