Lines and Spaces Spring Worksheet Pack

Lines and Spaces Spring Worksheet Pack

Hi! My new product “Lines and Spaces Spring Worksheet Pack”  is a set of 20 Spring themed worksheets. It is designed to help your students practice identifying whether a pitch is on a line or in a space and practice high/low pitches. All activities require no preparation. Simply print them off and they are ready to be given to your students straight away! Regular practice will help them retain the information and give them the confidence they need to recognise the line and space notes.

It is important to introduce this skill from lesson one (no matter what age). Doing so will help develop their aural skills  and help them with reading music. Using these worksheets on a regular basis will help them to retain the information.

It will also help them to learn pieces of music faster and will help them with sight reading (another skill that should be introduced from the beginning)

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