Kids Doodle Clipart

kids doodle clipart

Hi! My new Kids Doodle Clipart set contains:

~ 18 .png Color images

~ 18 .png Black and White images

~ 18 .jpeg Color Images

~ 18 .jpeg Black and White Images.

All images are high quality graphics (300 dpi.). Not to mention they come in two different formats (Jpeg and Png) and two different options (Color or Black and White).

Use these to brighten up your studio and allow your students to take some home as a reward. These images are ready to be printed off and stuck around the studio. What a wonderful way to get the kids excited to come to class. They also a lovely way to make your studio stand out.

This package includes 18 images of Children (9 boys and 9 girls) in various poses.

Please visit my store to see this product: Kids Doodle Clipart

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