Keyboard Musical Instrument Trace and Color Pages

Hi! My new product “Keyboard Musical Instrument Trace and Color Pages” contains 7 Keyboard Musical Instruments trace and coloring pages. Each page contains an instrument picture to trace and color including the name of the instrument, so your students can keep them for future reference.

Instruments Included:
~ Accordion, Celesta, Clavichord, Grand Piano, Harpsichord, Keyboard and Pipe Organ.

There are many different keyboard instruments for your student to learn! These worksheets provide and educational and fun way to teach them to recognise the different instruments. Use these during lessons or as a simple to follow homework task. Teaching your students, the different keyboard instruments will give them life-long knowledge and confidence in their musical journey.

Allowing them to trace the instrument will help them store the information in their brain and will give them the confidence to draw them free hand.

No further preparation is needed. Just print off and give straight to your students.

This product is a part of the Pack: “Musical Instruments Trace and Color Pages Pack“.

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