Christmas Treble Clef Note Reading Worksheets

Christmas Treble Clef Note Reading Worksheet

Hi! My new set “Christmas Treble Clef Note Reading Worksheets” is designed to help your students practice identifying Treble pitch. This is important in any child’s musical journey and can also be used for older students. It is important to keep your kids practicing identifying Treble Pitch even during the Christmas period! Use these in conjunction with Aural training and watch your kids’ confidence grow as they learn to identify the Treble Clef pitches. Why not compliment it by purchasing the ‘Christmas Bass Clef Note Reading Worksheets? Give them all the tools they need to succeed.

No preparation is needed. Simply print them off and they are ready to be handed to your students.

Please visit my store to see this product: Christmas Treble Clef Note Reading Worksheets 

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