Brass Instruments Color by Music Pages

Brass Instruments Color by Music Pages

Hi! My new product “Brass Instruments Color by Music Pages” contains 7 images of Brass Instruments – (Bugle, Cornet, Flugelhorn, French Horn, Trombone, Trumpet and Tuba) in 3 different formats (21 pages in total):

1st set – for younger students – the note and symbol matches the notes and symbol in the picture.

2nd set – for older students – the note and symbols names are given below.

3rd set – students color the picture using own color key.

~ Bugle : color by notes

~ Flugelhorn  color by rests

~ Trombone : color by notes and rests

~ Cornet : color by music symbols

~ Trumpet : color by notes, rests and music symbols,

~ French Horn : color by dynamics

~ Tuba : color by notes, rests, music symbols, and dynamics.

These are an excellent way to get your students familiar with different Brass instruments!

Simply print off and they are ready to be handed to your students.

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