Back to School Trace and Color Music Pages #1

Back to School Trace and Color Music Worksheets

Hi! My new product “Back to School Trace and Color Music Pages #1” contains 10 Back to School themed trace and color music worksheets in two different formats { + 10 answer pages}:

For younger students – symbols, notes, and rests match the symbols notes and rests in the picture.

For older students – symbols notes and rests names are given in the key.

First kids trace the music symbols, notes, rest, and dynamics, then they color the picture using the key.

Symbol used: Natural, Flat, Sharp, Bass clef, Treble clef – 4 pages.

Notes used: whole note, quarter note, half note, whole note, eighth note, and sixteenth note – 2 pages.

Rests used: whole rest, quarter rest, half rest, eight rest, and sixteenth rest – 2 pages.

Dynamics used: piano and forte – 1 page.

See the video for details.

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